Sailboat Paint Along

Design,paint, & enjoy this step by step paint along. Learn the steps to get a great little painting with clean color.

Welcome to PAINT LIKE A PRO!TM Sailboat Paint Along

Make it Simple & Fun! with this Sailboat Paint Along as Debra leads you step by step through this fun, bold and colorful painting. This pause and paint along allows you follow Debra as she walks you through process of DESIGN IT, DRAW IT, BIG SHAPES, KEEP IT SIMPLE, SCRUB IN DARKS (THINLY), LAY IT DOWN AND LEAVE IT ALONE, CARVE THE EDGES, SIGN IT, FRAME IT. This video gets you started in the right direction with clear basic techniques to achieve strong and confident paintings with clean color and strong value.

Student Testimonials

  • Painting with Debra brings back the foundations in art with a deceptively simple, fun loving freedom. Her approach touches the artist in the deepest way. I am so pleased with how her words stay with me as I continue to paint and discover my work. - Eli Lund
  • Debra’s workshop series is a great combination of rigorous painting exercises and laid-back comradery. Along with sharing the useful tools Debra has learned in her career, she is helpful in organizing the clutter of “art stuff” already in one’s head but not able to put on the canvas before. My value sketches are becoming more effective. I'm seeing color better and improvement of my palette knife work as well as my brush technique, something that makes me very happy. Her workshops have put me on a path towards an artistic future I didn’t have before. - David Martin
  • Debra, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful class. You are a terrific and enthusiastic teacher and you make fairly complex ideas easy to understand. Thank you. I'll be back for more! - Barbara Davidson

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  Sailboat Paint Along
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Debra Huse
Debra Huse

Debra Huse is an award-winning professional oil painter acclaimed for her rich use of oil color and her bold, fluid style. Her subjects range from land and seascapes to historic boats, restaurants, farms, & towns en plein air and in studio from studies.

Debra has very special teaching techniques for artists with amazing insight into painting and helping her students learn to PAINT LIKE A PRO with confidence.

Huse has been featured in PLEIN AIR, SOUTHWEST ART & ART OF THE WEST Magazines.