Full Sail - Pause & Paint Along Video

Pause and Paint Along with Debra Huse

FULL SAIL Paint Along Video

Have fun painting this beautiful sailing ship. Learn to utilize much warmer color than the reference photo. Add dynamic clouds, warm reflection, and distant, colorful land mass with even more ships. Get details with little effort and learn Debra’s masterful tips for exciting and dramatic color. Play, pause, and paint along at your own pace.

Your Instructor

Debra Huse
Debra Huse

Award-winning American Impressionist Debra Huse has created Paint Like a Pro, a series of online courses designed to teach everyone from complete beginners to more advanced artists the KEY FUNDAMENTALS that are the foundation of becoming a successful painter.

Debra is a popular teacher due to her willingness to share every bit of information possible. She is known for her ability to break down complex subjects and make them easy to grasp while making the learning process fun. Learn about design, color, brushwork, and simplifying a painting for beauty and joy. Debra has very special teaching techniques with amazing insight into painting and helping her students PAINT LIKE A PRO with confidence.

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